Just me on a hill in Hong Kong

I'm Jacky Chong, a product (UX/UI) designer based in The Netherlands

Currently, I have several years of experience as a product (UX/UI) designer, collaborating with diverse organizations, ranging from startups and scale-ups to major corporations like ABN AMRO, Vattenfall, Maersk, NN, and Essent. Throughout this period, I've engaged in a range of projects, from optimizing apps and designing complex application funnels to larger projects like creating omnichannel service from scratch.

About me

Born and raised in The Netherlands, I have always been fascinated by how we experience the world. Unfortunately, many products and services make our lives more complicated. To change that, I studied CMD at The Hague University, gaining insights into fields like psychology and human-centered design. This knowledge allows me to reduce life's complexities and help us enjoy it to the fullest.

Outside of work, I love traveling, spending time with friends and family, exploring new restaurants (I'm a foodie), and playing games.

Me on a mountain in Hong Kong
Me working at Vattenfall
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Relevant work experience

Here is a summary of some clients and companies I had the privilege to work for.

UX Shinobi
March 2020 / Present

Freelance Sr. UX/UI/Product Designer

UX Shinobi is my sole proprietorship. As a freelancer, I engage in a wide range of activities, from assisting clients with UX/UI/Product design work to handling tasks like networking and managing paperwork.

Essent Logo
Essent | E.ON
May 2022 / October 2023

Sr. UX/UI/Product Designer (ZZP/Ad Interim)

I was a member of the eMobility (ELT) & CX/Digital team, responsible for the entire UX on the operational side of the Essent eMobility ecosystem. This includes customer-facing products such as the application funnel, self-service portal (MIJN), Elektrisch Laden app, and internal tools like Cockpit (CRM). Additionally, I worked on a variety of projects for the CX/Digital team.

NN Logo
May 2021 / May 2022

UX/UI/Product Designer (ZZP/Ad Interim)

I worked in two multidisciplinary Scrum teams within the Customer & Commerce Business Unit, focusing on designing various insurance products and services in the 'Wonen' and 'Onderweg/Gezond' domains.

March 2020 / July 2020

UX/UI/Product Designer (ZZP/Ad Interim)

I was part of the Daily Banking team and responsible for products within the 'Customized Credits' domain. The specific product I worked on was called 'Beleggingspand Financiering,' which allows users to finance their first or second property for renting out.

Clutch Logo
September 2019 / February 2020

Medior UX/UI/Product Designer

I spent most of my time working as a contractor for Vattenfall, where I was part of the 'Online Rebranding' project (Nuon to Vattenfall). During this time, I worked on the sales and solar funnels (both B2C and B2B) for the open domain. Additionally, I contributed to UX governance by creating a 'Content Guide' to onboard content managers, specialists, and other Vattenfall employees.

Maersk Logo
Damco (Maersk)
February 2017 / December 2018

UX Consultant

I worked on customer/client-facing ERP applications for the Chinese and American markets to streamline the supply chain process. One of the highlights was the Cross-Cultural UX research project.

The core values that drive my work

Hard work

Pour your heart and soul into it, day in and day out, to master your craft, and you'll be rewarded. Whether it's an award or the fulfilling feeling you made someone's day.


Being honest in giving and receiving feedback is crucial for us all to improve.


I believe that disruptive innovation is achieved by being data-driven on one hand and having the courage to think differently than the majority on the other.


As humans, we are never done learning. As a result, I can't promise to be flawless. However, I can promise to learn from mistakes and work hard to become the best version of myself.

Team work

As a UX designer, you facilitate the UX process, but achieving a great user experience requires the effort of all participants.


Think in terms of possibilities, not constraints. Even when faced with limitations, there are opportunities. Don't hesitate to challenge the status quo and advocate for UX.

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